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Formed in March 2017 in Preston, Lancashire.
Peppered with harmonic interludes and touched with atmospherics, their sound moves over the dial from folk to Indie jangle, and many stations in-between.
Songs range from 60’s folk-tinged ballads to full on indie pop.
If pigeonholing, file under Post Brexit Urban Indie Blues.

This from poet Paul Cookson:
“Perfectly pitched, deftly mixed and immediately accessible, their songs feel like old friends you haven’t seen for ages, or best friends you haven’t yet met.
Familiar and warm, but different and alive. High on melody and hooks and low on volume for volume’s sake. Understated and all the more powerful for that.”

Mick Shepherd: Lead vocals, guitar, bass
Tim Kelly: Guitar, vocals, bass
Tony Cornwell : Guitars, bass, atmospheres, vocals, racket
Simon Dewhurst: Drums, percussion, vocals

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